Financial Spread Trading
An Online Guide - How to Profit Through Financial Spread Trading


Spread Betting and Fixed-Odds Companies.

Please find below details of several financial bookmakers - also known as spread betting companies. It may be prudent to spread your capital across several firms so that you can test different strategies across different accounts.

Capital Spreads

Capital Spreads offer a completely free virtual £10,000 spread trading account.

Use this simulator to practise trading strategies and get used to trading completely risk free.

Financial Spreads

Financial Spreads aim to provide highly competitive prices with tight spreads.

Use them to trade a wide variety of markets including shares, stock market indices, commodities, and forex using a simple, friendly and efficient service.


BetOnMarkets also offer a free virtual £10,000 account.

Fixed-odds betting is ideal for those with a lower starting bank as bets can be placed for as little as £1 and your risk is strictly limited to your stake.

For a limited time, BetOnMarkets are offering new customers a free £10 bet (subject to conditions). For details, email me through the Contact form.

You can learn more about BetOnMarkets on the new BOM tips site: Click Here


Betfair is an online betting exchange which offers financial bets as well as traditional sports bets.

Markets offered include the FTSE, Dow, Dax, Currencies, House prices and Interest rates.

New Betfair members can use the following code to get a free £20 bet. Simply enter it when filling out the registration form under ‘Refer and Earn’.

Betfair Free Bet Code is:




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