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Recommended reading around the subject of Financial Spread Betting


Please find below a number of recommended courses and books - all a great source of trading information, strategies, tips and hints.

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Making Money From Financial Spread Trading by Vince Stanzione
Discover How To Make Your Fortune From Financial Spread Trading
"I've used the workbook and video extensively. My profits since beginning trading in June are currently in excess of 65,000. Trading mainly indices, best trade closed on Dow 9/7 for total profit 25,635"
Mr John Turner, UK

"I am just saying thank you for your course and video which has enabled me to become a successful trader. I have had a great year, my target was 250,000 and I am up 230,000 to the 11/7 when I closed 90% of my trades and went to New Zealand. I have only started back trading today and feel more relaxed and more confident than ever before. Thanks again"
Chris Muldoon, UK

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The Way to Trade by John Piper
(Foreword by Dr. Alexander Elder, author of Trading For a Living)
"The Way To Trade is one of the most complete and intelligent books I have yet to encounter in trading literature. John Piper approaches the subject of trading with vast common sense and a wealth of research and trading experience.

The author is a natural teacher, which makes reading his book an easy and pleasurable experience. I highly recommend The Way To Trade to anyone who wants to succeed at trading and is willing to do what it takes."

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Fixed-Odds Financial Betting Strategies for Today's Markets
"Here in the UK we have Financial Spread Betting - it's all legal and winnings are not taxable. The strategies taught in your book make extremely effective spread-betting systems. I have accounts with several different firms and have made considerable gains in all of them since reading and applying the materials."

"Very impressive. I'm using the Trend Reversal strategy for the EUR/USD and also the NASDAQ Straddle/Barrier Range, and doing well."

"I was in need of direction in my trading and found this manual to be just what the doctor ordered. I'm sticking with the strategy guidelines and beginning to build up a respectable BOM account."

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How I Made $2,000,000 in the Stock Market by Nicolas Darvas
"A 1950s system that made $2million in 18 months still works"
"This is a truly great book! I had been aware of the importance of having a trading system to "protect" you against the emotions of stock trading for a while now. 90% of people lose money in the market. Why? Because they try and predict stock prices and get emotionally involved. They also do not know how to read entry and exit signals.

Darvas was a dancer in the 1950s who invented a completely unique stock trading system - one which still stands tall today. His system automatically sold him out of bad markets but let his profits run with rising stocks. He gave up trying to predict the market and decided to actually follow the market and let it dictate when to make a move either way. This way of working changed the emphasis of his making large losses into his making of even larger gains. The book outlines the system he successfully used."

Market Wizards: Interviews with Top Traders by Jack D. Schwager
"One of the most fascinating books ever written about Wall Street"
"This is one of the best-selling investment titles of all time. A collection of interviews with top traders gives insights into their stories of extraordinary investment success. Learn how these pros converted financial setbacks into greater-than-ever riches."

"Interviews with such personalities as Michael Marcus - who turned a $30,000 account into $80 million and Tom Baldwin - a former meat-packing plant manager who now trades up to $2 billion worth of T-bond futures a day. Jack D. Schwager gets these top traders and others to disclose their various trading approaches and personal rules and secrets for their success."

"Jack Schwager interviews the top traders in futures, options, stocks, and commodities. The casual interview style is entertaining and easy to read but contains a wealth of strategy. Not only do you find out why these traders are so successful, you find out why the vast majority of traders are not. This book is highly recommended."

Rogue Trader by Nick Leeson
"Nick Leeson's account of the collapse of Barings is gripping reading"
This is the true story of how Leeson went from being a bank office settlement clerk to the head of trading for Barings in Singapore to bringing down one of the oldest banks in the world.

His problems escalate from a small discrepency in the accounts to him over-trading and taking lots of wild risk to try and claw back millions of pounds.

"I read this in one sitting, it's exciting, fast-moving and absolutely fascinating - highly recommended "

"The extraordinary tale of how one man brought Britain's oldest bank to the point of collapse, without any of his superiors even being aware of the situation. This is a first hand account of how Leeson got away with something which escalated completely out of control. The really shocking part is the sheer level of incompetence of almost everyone else in the organisation at the time."

A Mathematician Plays the Stock Market by John Allen Paulos
"A witty and insightful book on the stock market and the irrepressibility of our dreams of wealth"
"What makes the book delightful is his self-effacing sense of humor. I cannot remember reading another book in which a writer is as candid and funny about his own failings as an investor.

The book's running joke is the Professor's disastrous obsession with buying WorldCom stock using borrowed money before it became apparent that the company's reported earnings had more to do with wishful thinking than reality.

It is this example that makes the book also insightful for the reader because it shows how easily our emotions and instincts can lead us astray, even when we understand as much about the stock market as Professor Paulos does.

The basic point is that the stock market is a lot more complicated than anyone can hope to understand, and likely to be more volatile than almost anyone will be comfortable with. Professor Paulos provides potential remedies for both (index investing, diversifying active portfolios, and using derivatives as insurance against large risks)."



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